Sinful Retreat-Angels Rest Newsletter 2/18

Thursday, February 18, 2021
Weekly Update from Sinful Retreat/Angels Rest

Sinners & Saints Art Show’
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Janus Gallery I:
Janus Gallery II:
Janus Gallery III: We have outgrown Gallery III, time to improve its functionality, being replaced at the end of Feb in time for Sheba Blitz opening on the 27th.

Landscape changes are ongoing, to provide space for more 3d art installations. Artemis Greece just added an amazing installation, and ilyra chardin is coming soon.

TP board for each installation located @

CioTToLiNa Xue
London Junkers
Toysoldier Thor
Cica Ghost
Pixels Sideways
Sowa Mai & Banrion Constantine (under the joint avatar Aequitas Nirvana)
Phenix Rexen
Thoth Jantzen
Doob & Kalyca (Alchemelic)
Haveit Neox
Suzanne Graves
Venus Adored
Meilo Minotaur
Rotating Exhibit –Archived Sculptures provided by Tayzia Abattoir and Mariposa Upshaw
Artemis Greece
Coming soon: ilyra chardin

Finn Zeddmore
Join us in Janus Java every Friday at 5pm SLT as Finn Zeddmore reads short science fiction stories from her expertly curated collection! These readings will be in SL voice, so please have voice enabled.

Shyla the Super Gecko
Shyla will read her poetry live on SL voice on Feb 24th. Shyla’s readings touch the heart. Location Janus Java:

Coming soon: Semina doing some adult erotic reading, standby for more information.


🎶Live Music Singer and Entertainer – Exploring with Evee🎶
You are invited to ‘Exploring with Evee’ each week on Sinful Retreat or Angels Rest Art installation sites.
Beginning Tuesday, Feb 23rd at 2PM SLT, weekly at a different installation on our sim, Evee will be on her unique hover stage, bringing you her own exciting style of music and wit. Bring your friends. Feel, touch, sit and dance in each artist’s mind. Landmarks and artists being highlighted will be announced the day of the show. Artist installation: Phenix Rexen on the 23rd, Digital Beauty Collection. Evee’s soundcloud:
We will provide in notecard, the artist store and marketplace information at each event.

🎶”Here’s What You’re Missing”🎶
Weekly, as we travel around to the various art installations on our sim “Exploring with Evee”, as an opener for Evee, Jewell or DJ Matrix will stream original music from various musicians around the grid. We will have a NC giver with the booking info of the musicians when we play that set. We’ll talk about the musicians a little bit during voice overs, and try to bring Live SL performers to people who may not otherwise normally go to live music events. So far, we have agreements from 12 musicians allowing us to do this, with more being included in this endeavor. Come early, Jewell will be streaming “Here’s What You’re Missing” tunes from 1-2PM SLT beginning Feb 23rd.

An Evening of Music on Angels Rest
Sat 20th – beginning at 2PM SLT
Emma Ness
Tally Mercury
Opening of Sheba Blitz art at Janus Gallery III
Sat 27th – beginning at 2PM SLT
LIVE performers will be:


Janus Gallery I
*Kraven Klees
Janus Gallery II
*Deyanira Yalin
Janus Gallery III
*Asperix Asp
*Opening of Sheba Blitz in Gallery III on 27th


The Limoncello News

If you have comments or suggestions, we’d love to know! If you are an artist that would like to show with us, or if you have an artist you would like to see in our galleries or on the sim, IM Chuck Clip, FallenAurora Jewell or DevanahGrace Ravenhurst . IF, you have a newsletter you would like added to our newsletter, let Jewell know. We also have postboxes for communication located on Sinful Retreat.

We have a flickr, encourage you to take photos and post

Chuck Clip – Owner Curator
FallenAurora Jewell – Co-Owner Curator
Devanah Grace – Gallery Manager

IF you have read to this point in this Newsletter, thank you for allowing us to share our excitement for Art and Music of Second Life. It is you, that keeps us motivated and energized.