Family Camping

Back to the camping spot last weekend.  My Soul went one night ahead and prepared the most amazing camping spot.  He alone built a table out of string and wood.  Cut enough firewood for 24 consistent hours of burning and created a cooking area on the fire circle, built a blind and dug a hole for our bathroom needs and had everything ready for us to come the next morning. This time it was my Soul, my son M. and his friend D. Oh, and we took the two dogs. Clearly, M and D was not ready for camping. The work to keep wood and prepare for rain or whatever can happen on a camping trip was NOT in their plan.  We had to continually remind them to gather, saw, clean, pick up things to keep us safe.  This ‘secret’ place is well known for bears and everything must be kept in the car and sealed.  Then, the rain came.  My Soul sat by the fire in the rain for hours keeping it going for us.  He is quite amazing.  I am amazed, astonish, astounded and happy that my Higher Power allowed our paths to cross.  He is wise beyond his years, interesting, smart, witty, and he is all mine. He is a wonderful man. He has been in our lives, mine and the kids a short few years but the difference he has made to this family is astounding.  We have two teens and it has not be easy.  They are adopted and have many layers of baggage. I see many more camping experiences in this family’s future. It is good to be away from TV, digital games and the blasted cell phone.