Glamping at Roan Mountain

We did it! We went and returned and it was wonderful.  All great except the fact that I was so sick I barely remember the trip. Not that I don’t remember, but it was like a dream. I was determined NOT to let this virus destroy the opportunity to spend time with Chuck. I purchased cold medicines.  One for cough, one for congestion, one for fever, one for sinus, one for aches, one for headache, and so forth.  You get the idea? I took them all and I willed my body to move.  We did have a  great time and it was beautiful.  I had no idea the cabins would be as equipped.  All cooking items, toaster, coffee maker and they brought wood each day for the wood burning stove.  And now I am still trying to recover from the ‘bug’ and hope I can feel good enough to celebrate bringing in a New Year.