The Secret Haven Info

First, let us give you a huge WELCOME to our corner of SL! In the following notecard you will find all the info you need about our little slice of heaven, however, if you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any of the following people…
􀀏 – Owner/Manager – Donna

Let us begin your introduction to our half sim of fun with a few easy to follow rules….
Stroke ‘n’ Donna’s Secret Haven is an adult sim so with that being said….
*NO KIDS ALLOWED! We can not stress that one enough!
*Along with the above NO AGE PLAY!!
*We want and encourage you to have all sorts of fun, but be sure to also act like a respectful adult.
*If you see other people or couples using the furniture DO NOT harass them, if you want to join them ASK! or wait for an invite.
*But our #1 rule here….. DON’T BE A DICK!

There are teleport pads scattered around the sim that you can use to get to the other areas of our sim. Please feel free to use them and explore what The Secret Haven has to offer. Such as….

Stroke ‘n’ Donna’s Secret Haven – The Beach!

Main part of the sim is our club and dance area right on the beach! We have a lucky egg that you can purchase and see if you can win the day’s big prize, a sploder, a truth ball near the stage and a bottle to spin to add some spice to your time here. There are cuddle and adult areas scattered across the beach that you are welcome to use as well! (please refer to the rules) Feel free to Explore!
At 8pm SLT on Friday evenings our very own Devanah Grace reads erotic stories LIVE! This is a must see for those wanting to spice up their evening!

The Boardwalk!

Take your special someone to The Boardwalk to ride the carousel or cuddle on a lounger. We also have 7Seas Fishing with tourneys, sail boats, a dolphin that you can feed and ride and it is a very wonderful spot to take scenic and romantic pictures.

The Game Room!

We have a fully loaded game room for all to use. You can find 5 Card Stud poker, Texas Hold-Em, Aught (UNO), Spikko (Skippo), Cards Against Humanity, Greedy Greedy, Reversi (Othello), Billiards, an ADULT Truth or Dare table, Skii ball, several arcade games and bowling! Look for the naughty pinball game as well!

Haven Of Hedonism!

On this level you have several adult areas to take your special someone. There are many romantic areas for you to enjoy as well as very beautiful scenic spots for you to take pictures. And for those more adventurous…There is also a dungeon in the Manor House. But it is not for those who are not faint of heart!

The Theater!

Featuring the XCONTROL TV Pro! Allows multiple people to watch the same movie at the same time! There is a “how to” notecard giver by the screen, it is super simple to use!
Sweet cuddle seats to snuggle up to your sweetie while enjoying the movie! Snacks & movie are of course, FREE! (If you like, you can donate with the oscar statue in the corner ♥

Deck/Hang gliding!

Also on the beach level we have a deck area that has several cuddle and adult spots you can take your special someone. There is also a hang gliding tower that you are encouraged to use! It is an experience you won’t want to miss. Just use the teleport at the base of the tower to get to the top, touch the sign to rez a glider and sail away on the wind to see the whole beach level!

Again if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact one of the lovely ladies that have worked so hard to create and run one of the most special areas of SL.

􀀑 – Manager/Owner – Donna
􀀌 – Manager – FallenAurora Jewell
􀀓 – Manager – Devanah Grace Ravenhurst